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Link sources

How should sources be credited ?

We recommend crediting sources at every level. This should be indicated as relevant:

  • for relations which affect all or a large part of the data:
    • In the metadata, using related_identifiers.
    • In the or accompanying documentation, by stating explicitly this relation
  • for relations which affect only some rows:
    • In the data itself, using the source columns, with identifiers which refer to the original resource
    • By providing a bibtex file containing entries for each academic source. The source columns can then directly refer to the bibtex keys.

To maximise interoperability, we recommend to systematically link to other resources insofar as possible. This can usually be done with using identifiers from the other resources, whether tabular data, corpora, or other.

In particular, it is strongly recommended to use standard vocabularies for things like languages (glottocodes or iso codes ), cells and features (universal dependencies, unimorph schema, leipzig glossing rules), phonemes (IPA, BIPA), etc. In the CLDF standard, this corresponds to the third design principle: "If entities can be referenced, e.g. languages through their Glottocode, this should be done rather than duplicating information like language names.".

In the cases where controlled vocabularies imperfectly cover your needs, it is very useful to document the choices made in the or accompanying documentation. For example, when no glottocode was exactly correct, was the closest code used instead ? Or was the value left empty ?